GFE escort service in Amsterdam

GFE escort girl in Amsterdam

Hello there,
My name is Selena and I am an Independent escort girl in Amsterdam. I am a very sensual curvy lady and I love having fun. My services are all things that I love to do. So is GFE. I am the ultimate GFE Escort in Amsterdam. Are you also in to a lovely evening that is closed with hot sensual sex? Call me now and let’s talk about things we love!

What is GFE escort service?

Very simple, it is the Girl Friend Experience. And simple it is as in we can bot just do normal and enjoy each other. If you order me for a GFE escort service, we might spend a considerable amount of time on a sensual erotic massage where we can both calm meet our heartbeats, and learn each other’s bodies. We might touch and feel more than just the mechanical sex act. The scope here would be that not only we both climax but also we learn to know each other and leave a touch more fulfilled.

In what situation would you ask for a GFE escort service?

Well, let’s say you had a long day in meetings and you want to have some time for your self. It can be also that you are a die-hard romantic who can only treat girls like they are the burning love of your life. Also if you are not only looking for a sexy girl in your room and a guaranteed orgasm but also for a friend to share your time with.
All of this and much more is possible.
What more is possible? Just drop me a mail to enquire about rates and possibilities or start chatting right away 😉